Where Innovation Meets Quality
Guill's unique combination of servicing the government and extrusion industries for over 50 years has brought out the highest quality and leading edge innovation in the extrusion industry.
We Carry the Most Extensive Line of Extrusion Products in the Industry
Serving So Many Industries that Produce So Many End Products
Our Extrusion Tooling Maximizes Your ROI
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Why Partner with Guill?


Your project needs a team who will support your vision and help make it a reality.


Your confidence in the company you are working with is paramount.

Cost Savings

Your bottom line is important and our engineers are focused on keeping your line up and running.


We service customers on 6 of the 7 continents and have sales representatives stationed globally.


Our extrusion division operates under the same stringent quality standards required by our government contracts.


Our innovative tooling designs are easy to use and clean, require minimal changeover times, and improve both layer tolerances and concentricity.


Guill has sales representatives that service customers around the globe. We have extensive experience doing business in almost every industry, in almost every manufacturing environment. What does this mean for you? Chances are, we have experience handling your project type in your industry. If you need a site-visit to resolve an issue, you can schedule a visit from one of our representatives to help you with your challenge.


Quality is of upmost importance in everything we do. We follow stringent quality standards across our manufacturing and government contract divisions. Because of this, you can rest assured your final product will be of the best quality possible. We have over 55 years experience bringing the most complex projects from idea to design and installation. If you have a difficult project, we have the experience to find a solution. All of our products are manufactured using lean principles in an ISO 9001:2015 facility in the USA.


Our innovative tooling designs are easy to use and clean, require minimal changeover times, and improve both layer tolerances and concentricity. As a result, your extrusion lines are down for less time, maximizing your production. Our engineering team uses the latest proprietary and commercial 3D CAD/MCAD connected with FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and CFD (Computer Flow Simulation) during the design process. Our in-house materials testing lab allows our technicians to test your material’s flow characteristics so our engineers can design the best possible products. With our own lab, lead times are reduced because materials don’t need to be shipped to a third party for testing. In addition, analyzing your material’s flow minimizes the chances of physical reworks.

Extensive Extrusion Tooling Options

When you have an extrusion problem, we’re ready with solutions for even the toughest challenges. We carry the most extensive line of extrusion products in the industry so you can find the solution that fits your needs.

Explore our Vast Line of Extrusion Tooling

With our flexible product design, the configuration of your tooling is customizable to meet your needs. For example, many extruder configurations may be quickly and easily adapted. Our numerous special features, concentricity adjustments, and deflector designs make it possible to solve the most difficult extrusion problems by incorporating the appropriate components.

In addition, easy and fast cleaning are important benefits of Guill’s extrusion tooling. Maintenance extends the life of your tooling and protects your investment. Specific instruction manuals are provided with each extrusion head to help you maintain your tooling.

We have organized the extrusion tools offered into a number of product categories. Each category addresses a specific manufacturing process required by a wide range of industries throughout the world.

Our Heads


Our Accessories

Extrusion Expertise Is Here For You

Success Through Measured Methods

Exceptional Quality Standards

Our quality standards are our priority. Quality is emphasized throughout our organization.

Engineering Expertise

The constant expansion of our engineering department is driven by our leading edge philosophy.

Manufacturing Excellence

Precision machining is our strength. Our manufacturing facility meets the highest standards.

Innovation Meets Quality

Our unique qualifications make us the company you can depend on

Our extrusion division operates under the same stringent quality standards as our naval and nuclear defense division. The highest quality standards are adhered to throughout our facilities. As a result we are equipped to keep tight tolerances and specifications that are demanded by the industry.

Other services offered include materials testing, training and consulting. 

All products are manufactured in the USA in an ISO 9001:2015 registered facility.


Industry Experience and Expertise

Serving many industries, engineering many end products


We serve customers around the world and are recognized as the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of extrusion tooling. Our exposure to many industries has helped us to develop solutions that are applicable across a number of industries as a result of our diverse problem solving experience.

Our team of experts design and manufacture products with customer manufacturing success being our first priority. Your success is our success.


Experience, Excellence, Engagement


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