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Many Extrusion Industries, Many Solutions

By serving the various extrusion industries, we have gained the varied experience which has given us the ability to problem solve on many levels. Our exposure to a variety of challenging extrusion problems has stretched our technical knowledge and expertise. As a result, we have developed unique and flexible designs which has produced one of the most extensive lines of tooling across the various extrusion industries.

Find your Industry below and see how we may help you solve your extrusion tooling challenges.

Find Your Industry

Closeup of Hoses and Wires in an Automobile Engine

Automotive & Transportation

The Automotive and Transportation industries require well made tubing and wiring in order to function optimally, and our Custom Extrusion Tooling is always designed to provide extremely precise tolerances and unmatched product quality. Whether you need to produce high end spark plugs, fuel injection hoses, or vacuum, our products will

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Small Blue Plastic Bottles

Blow Molding

We produce Extrusion Tooling specially designed to accommodate producing a wide range of products using precision Blow Molding. Our Balanced Flow and FeatherTouch™ die adjustment designs have been particularly notable for controlling concentricity and dimensional tolerances of the parison, providing increased product quality and considerably less waste.

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Stacks of Large Blue Pressure Hosess

Chemical Hose & Tube

One of our main specialties is designing and manufacturing Extrusion Tooling that is capable producing industrial strength Chemical Hose & Tube in a variety of sizes. Our multiple layer designs have been particularly successful for maintaining precise concentricity and wall thickness tolerances, allowing for the production of end products to

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Blue and Brown Polymer Granules


Our Extrusion tooling allows for the efficient large scale production of high quality polymers and other compound materials. Extruders with our unique balanced flow design allow for a multiple strand extrusion process that has been remarkably successful for increasing production capacity. From animal feed to specialty polymers, our tooling produces

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Samples of Different Wooden Floor


New products are being developed continuously for the construction industry. Along with these new building components comes new challenges in creating composites that simulate traditional building materials. The versatility of our tooling allows us to help you find a solution that fits your needs.

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Safety Razors on White Background

Consumer Products

With so many consumer products being developed daily and so many new plastics and composite materials to work with, it helps to have someone on your team that has experience in many industries. We are here to help you develop the proper tooling to get the job done. Other Services

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Extruded Plastic Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated Hose

Corrugated hose for industrial use or for consumer products have their challenges. Our engineers are well versed in creating tooling that will help you produce an excellent product for your customer whether you need single or multi-layer, we can work with you to design the tooling you need.

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Extruder Corrugated Pipe

Corrugated Pipe

Our extrusion tooling is ideal for producing a large volume of products that require varied wall thickness throughout, like Corrugated Pipe. Our multiple layer designs allow for precise concentricity adjustments, this helps our tooling efficiently generate large quantities of some of the strongest and most flexible Corrugated Pipe in the

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Extruded Lipstick in a Cosmetics Shop


Efficient Extrusion Tooling is essential for producing Cosmetic products. From the cosmetics themselves to the packaging they are sold in, our tooling is the ideal asset for facilitating for every step of the manufacturing process. Our balanced flow designs create high quality end products at a rapid pace while minimizing

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Group of Network Cables


The Electronics industry requires extreme precision when manufacturing essential parts. Our Extrusion Tooling offers unmatched accuracy in the production of wire and cable, not matter the required gauge. Our multiple layer and stripping designs have been remarkably successful for controlling concentricity and wall thickness tolerances, providing significant material savings and

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Large Pylons and Electrical Cables near Jabel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We have a tremendous amount of experience in the Wire & Cable industry as well as the Industrial Hose and Pipe industries. Our engineers understand the challenges you face. Contact us today to see how we can help you create efficient and superior products for your customers. Other Services In

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Blue Fiber Optic Wires

Fiber Optic

Optical Cable is in increasingly high demand due to its ability to quickly transfer large amounts of data without electrical interference. Producing high quality Fiber Optic Cable requires a consistent flow of transparent polymer without discoloration or defects. Our 200 series custom Extrusion Tooling is carefully designed to be ideal

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Variety of Extruded Pasta Products

Food Processing

Extrusion is increasingly becoming one of the primary methods of producing a variety of traditional and innovative Food Products, and our Extrusion Tooling is designed to accommodate producing all of them. From pastas and snack foods to chewing gum and pet food, our balanced flow designs control dimensional tolerances in

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Blue Industrial Tubes

Industrial Hose & Tube

Designing and manufacturing Custom Extrusion Tooling for Industrial Hose & Tube that holds up to the highest quality standards is our specialty. Using our tooling allows manufacturers to produce large volumes of industrial tubing for a wide range of commercial applications. Not only this, but our quick change tooling allows

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Blue PVC Pipe

Industrial Pipe

Reliable polymer industrial pipe is essential for household and commercial plumbing, irrigation, and manufacturing. Guill’s extrusion tooling produces consistent high quality piping for a wide range of commercial applications. Our multiple layer designs are ideal for controlling concentricity and wall thickness tolerances, allowing for substantial savings in reducing material waste.

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Drip Irrigation Pipe Close Up


Whether you need a standard crosshead, spiderless inline or custom configuration to satisfy your customer’s needs, we have the proper extrusion tooling for you. The versatility of our line of extrusion heads and components lets us configure your head to meet your specification and ensure that your end product is

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Patient in Hospital with Saline Intravenous Medical Tube


Technology in the Medical field is constantly evolving, and often requires an extensive array of Medical grade tubing in a variety of materials and thicknesses. We specialize in working with clients to design and manufacture Custom Extrusion Tooling to produce an unparalleled range of the highest quality Medical tubing in

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Plastic Pellets in a Variety of Colors 2


Many products are emerging daily in our economy which creates challenges for manufactures to keep up with the flood of new materials and demands. Our engineers are poised to help your company embrace the range of expertise needed to keep you ahead of your competition and develop excellent products.

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Industrial Blue Polymer Pellets


Our company manufactures top quality pelletizing extrusion tooling, defined by an unparalleled attention to detail. Pelletizing extruders function to produce polymer or composite pellets in a seamless continuous process. Each Guill pelletizing extruder’s balanced flow design utilizes a multiple strand extrusion process that substantially improves production capacity. From animal feed

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White Medicine Tablets over a White Background


Our extrusion Single and Twin Screw tooling is designed to balance the melt flow necessary for the demands of  pharmaceutical applications. Knowing that short residence time, temperature control and ease of cleaning are high priorities when developing pharmaceuticals, we have developed crossheads, inlines and rotary head that will fill that

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Extruded Plastic Profiles


Guill has provided the Profile industry with state of the art computerized balanced flow design solutions for all types of applications. Specifically, Guill’s multiple layer designs have been remarkably successful for a variety of shapes.  

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Extruded Rubber Profile Sealing

Rubber & Silicone

Our Custom Extrusion Tooling is ideal for manufacturing high quality Rubber and Silicone products, including gaskets and seals, medical silicone compounds, electronics accessories, and weather stripping. At Guill, all our engineers are committed to work with you to construct the optimal design to make every step of the silicone extrusion

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Extruded Plastic Cosmetics Packaging

Specialty Packaging

The advent of new packaging design, new material and changing requirements, provides exciting challenges for this industry. Our engineers are poised to help you find the solutions you need for your client’s latest project.

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Large Cable Cross Section Displaying Internal Wires

Under Sea Cable

Our many years of experience in the Wire & Cable industry and our experience with Large Diameter Dies helps us help you produce the highest quality Under Sea Cable for your customers. Contact our sales engineers today to discuss your next project.

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Large Underwater Oil and Gas Wellhead

Under Sea Pipe

Our experience with Large Diameter Dies and the challenges they present, has resulted in our developing solutions to overcome such difficulties. Our sales engineers are available to discuss how Guill is poised to ensure your end product is of the highest quality and produced efficiently. Your ROI and quality output

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University in Autumn


Continuous improvement relies on continuous learning and sharing of that knowledge. We have worked with Universities to help them develop the tooling needed in order for them to explore processes and find solutions to their challenges. Our engineers are available to help you with your latest project.

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Underground Fuel Pipeline


Fiber Optics, Wire & Cable, or Industrial Hose are all end products that our extrusion tooling solutions are designed to fulfill. Whether single, or multi-layer, our vast line of tooling and components will ensure that you have the ability to produce a superior product in a cost efficient manner. Speak

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Fiber Cable Internals

Wire & Cable

Over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience has solidified Guill’s reputation as a leading producer of Extrusion Tooling for the Wire & Cable industry, and our tooling remains the best in the business for the large scale production of cable and wiring, Our extrusion tooling designs can be customized

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Wood Composite Surface

Wood Composite

Guill has provided the Wood Composite industry with state of the art computerized balanced flow design solutions for all types of applications. Specifically, Guill’s multiple layer designs have been remarkably successful for a variety of shapes.

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End Products

Many Extrusion Industries, Many End Products

By serving many extrusion industries Guill has gained the varied experience in helping produce many end products. Unique products bring about unique challenges. Guill is here to help you solve your extrusion obstacles. 

Find your end product below and see how we may help you manufacture the best product for your customer.

Our Products


Guill has one of the most extensive lines of tooling in the various extrusion industries. Our product line is broken into Series which include the following:

• Crosshead
• Inline Dies
• Rotary Heads
• Custom Designed

Our crossheads are designed for precision and easy operation. The high product tolerance control of our crossheads yields greater levels of efficiency and quality.
Inline Heads
Our Inline heads use our FlexiSpiral™ deflector design to rotate the melt stream, continuing the mixing process and eliminating weld lines.
Rotary Heads
Our rotary crossheads and inline heads use a patented design for rotating the tip and die. This causes a crossing of the molecular direction of the material flow. The result is substantially increased wall strength, reduced wall thickness and material savings.
Custom Heads
Our team is available to collaborate with your design and development engineers to produce innovative solutions that meet your manufacturing needs.
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Engineering Expertise

Guill 4 Layer Spiral Head

Guill’s team of engineers have diverse experience and depth of knowledge regarding the optimal and most efficient methods of extrusion.

Our products are highly customizable and offer many configurations to suit your application. Our options for concentricity adjustments give you flexibility and ensure that your line will run efficiently and profitably.

Our diverse deflector designs allow us to handle the most challenging flow issues ensuring wall strength and stability without downtime for additional adjustments.

All together the engineering and components that go into our heads make Guill’s line of extrusion tooling the most efficient on the market today.

Extrusion Expertise Is Here For You

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