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Draw Down Visualizer

The Draw Down Visualizer is a tool to help illustrate the relationship between various tooling parameters by showing the flow of polymer from the tooling as it is drawn down to become a finished tube. DDV allows for two main calculations methods: Area or Linear draw down.


Product OD refers to the outer diameter, or the outside, of a tube.

Product ID refers to the inner diameter, or the inside, of a tube.

Tooling refers to the final extrusion die components that shape the final output of polymer flow. Typically the die shapes the outer surface and the tip shapes the inner surface.

Tooling Gap refers to the single side gap between a tip and die. If your die is 1.000″ and your tip is 0.750″, the tooling gap is 0.125″ ((1-.75)/2).

Wall Thickness refers to the single side wall thickness of the finished tube. If your tube is 0.100″ x 0.050″, the wall thickness is 0.025″ ((.1-.05)/2).

Area DDR is a ratio of the cross sectional area of the tooling’s exit and the cross sectional area of the finished tube. Area DDR also incorporates another term, Draw Balance (DB).

Draw Balance is defined by the ratio of the outer wall of polymer to the inner wall of polymer in the draw down cone.

Linear DDR is a simpler way to calculate tooling sizes and is the ratio of the die to the product’s OD or the tip to the product’s ID.


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