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Technology in the Medical field is constantly evolving, and often requires an extensive array of Medical grade tubing in a variety of materials and thicknesses. We specialize in working with clients to design and manufacture Custom Extrusion Tooling to produce an unparalleled range of the highest quality Medical tubing in the industry. Our Micro Medical tooling can extrude tube thinner than a human hair, .008″ or finer per revolution, and can be used in order to keep procedures and noninvasive as possible. Other models are used to produce tubing for feeding applications, including nasogastric and jejunal tubes.

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In addition to our expert Extrusion Tooling services, we also provide Machining and Fabrication services in order to provide you with a full array of tooling products. Our highly skilled staff of engineers and machinists are available to assist you by manufacturing the parts you need to print or they will work with you to develop the tooling you require to keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

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We excel in the design and manufacture of Extrusion Tooling, offering many cost saving opportunities for extrusion manufacturers.

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End Products

Clear Tube IV and Catheter

Medical Tube

Tubing made for the medical industry needs to be especially precise, and our tooling is the best in the business when it comes to producing exceptionally consistent extruded tube. Our Series 800 head and custom designed dies can manufacture multi-layer and multi-lumen tubing for any medical application.

Colorful Medical Tubing


We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Multi-Lumen Tube for Medical products. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications. Choose a deflector feature to evaluate the type tool that will best fit your process requirements.

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Our Products

Guill Tool Bullet Extrusion Head

Bullet – Standard Crosshead

The Bullet™ was designed specifically by our engineers to expedite the production process and help our customers turn a higher profit. Featuring a multi-port spiral flow and fixed center design.

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