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600 Series Flexible Extrusion Crosshead

600 – Flexible Crosshead


The 600 Series

Our Flexible Crosshead

The 600 Series Crossheads offer flexibility in design & extruder orientation with split balanced flow.



Model Core Diameter
inches | millimeters
Max Die
inches | millimeters
619 0.437 in. 11.00 mm .5000 in. 12.70 mm
620 0.718 in. 18.20 mm 1.000 in. 25.40 mm
623 1.125 in. 28.50 mm 1.500 in. 38.10 mm
624 1.625 in. 41.30 mm 2.250 in. 57.15 mm
625 2.375 in. 60.30 mm 3.000 in. 76. 20 mm
627 3.250 in. 82.50 mm 4.000 in. 101.6 mm
630 4.500 in. 114.3 mm 5.000 in. 127.0 mm
632 5.500 in. 139.7 mm 6.000 in. 152.4 mm





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Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Fixed center or Adjustable Most products should be run fixed but change one component in two minutes and go fully adjustable
Built in cartridge heaters No cold spots - even heat for better flow
Adjustable gum space More control of product size
Low volume No burning - quick color change
Expandable to multi-layer Run wide variety of product
Adapts to your existing tooling (in some cases) Less tool inventory
Quick change tooling Less down time
ABA 1st and 3rd layer from one extruder
Changeable manifold Flexible extruder layout
Split feed balanced flow Able to run fixed center with concentric walls at all speeds


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