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We’re here to support one another. By helping you through excellent support and service, we are able to build lasting relationships and produce exceptional quality end products.

The services and support we provide are examples of that objective. Whether you are looking for Troubleshooting, Process Support or developing a new product for your customer, our engineering staff is here to help you succeed.



We provide consulting services in the following areas of expertise for the extrusion industry:

  • Suitable tooling for a particular product
  • Proper tooling requirements for efficient operation
  • Tooling design concepts
  • Care and cleaning of tools
  • Recommending the purchase of assembly and disassembly kits designed specifically for your extrusion tooling

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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our Sales Engineers are here to provide support and help you find the solutions you need. Contact Customer Service today.

Process Support

Process support is available to help identify production problems associated with extrusion tooling performance. Fill in the fields provided and describe the problems as completely as possible. A Guill technical specialist will respond personally.

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We realize that your time is precious and idle extrusion lines minimize profitability. Our goal is to keep you up and running.  Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need help supporting your line.

On-Site Visits

Sometimes the best solutions become apparent when we are able to see your line in person. For those instances, we offer On-Site Visit service for a daily fee plus travel expenses. All necessary tooling, personnel and extruder runtimes must be agreed upon in advance and must be available at the time of the visit. Please contact us to speak with a Sales Engineer for more information by emailing


Care & Cleaning

We emphasize the importance of proper care and cleaning of extrusion tooling to provide lasting performance of the extrusion head. Cleaning and maintenance instructions are included in the Instruction Manuals provided with every Guill Extrusion Head delivered.


We know that trained technicians are the key to successful manufacturing. That’s why we offer a number of educational materials to train operators in the proper care and maintenance of extrusion tooling. They include:

  • Instructional manuals for step-by-step assembly and disassembly of the extrusion heads along with proper care and cleaning of the tooling
  • Plastic and aluminum models for instructional aids
  • Training videos for care and cleaning of the tooling
  • On-site classes for care and cleaning of the tooling

Research & Development

Developing and improving extrusion tooling is a top priority. Our Research and Development services focus on collaborating closely with customer’s engineers to develop leading-edge solutions to our customers toughest challenges.

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