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Improve Performance

Whether your goal is to eliminate weld lines allowing lower die pressure, improved concentricity control, or balancing and equalizing the velocity of the melt stream, we offer a number of solutions to help you achieve success.

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Guill Balance Flow Deflector

Balanced Flow Deflector

The Guill Balanced Flow Deflector is designed to distribute the material flow equally to the tip and die resulting in equal velocity of the melt stream. We’ve designed this deflector using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs which allow us to identify inconsistent balance at the die exit giving us the

Guill Equaflow II Compound Extruder

EquaFlow II

EquaFlow II™ is a new generation of tooling for extruding wood and polymer compounds that provides even greater accuracy and more consistent product flow than its predecessor – resulting in significant cost savings from reduced waste material. This tooling excels in applications such as decking, playgrounds, all-weather flooring, furniture and accessory items

Quadraflow Guill Tool Deflector

QuadraFlow™ Rubber/Silicone

We have developed the QuadraFlow™ deflector to better distribute the rubber/silicone material flow eliminating typical dead spots. By bringing the melt stream to the deflector at 180 degrees opposing, the material travels in four directions as it flows to the tip and die with balanced velocity. The QuadraFlow™ Rubber/Silicone deflector

Guill Flexi Spiral Tooling

Spiral Flow

The FlexiSpiral™ Deflector tooling is offered with a number of features to improve process performance. The FLEXISPIRAL™ deflector eliminates weld lines allowing for lower die pressure. The FLEXISPIRAL™ deflector We have developed and perfected the FLEXISPIRAL™ deflector with the SEALRIGHT™ no-leak tapered deflector design. The FLEXISPIRAL™ deflector eliminates weld lines

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Material of Construction

Our tooling comes in a variety of different materials. Speak with our staff to determine which material is best for your needs.


  • Plastics Applications:
    • Tool Steel
    • Stainless Steel




  • Fluoropolymer Applications:
    • Monel
    • Inconel®
    • Hastelloy®



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