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Blow Molding

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We produce Extrusion Tooling specially designed to accommodate producing a wide range of products using precision Blow Molding.

Our Balanced Flow and FeatherTouch™ die adjustment designs have been particularly notable for controlling concentricity and dimensional tolerances of the parison, providing increased product quality and considerably less waste.

We excel in the design and manufacture of Extrusion Tooling, offering many cost saving opportunities for extrusion manufacturers.

End Products

Closeup of Tubes and Pipes in Automobile Engine

Automotive Parts

Whether you are manufacturing Automotive Hose, Brackets, Gaskets, Seals or other extruded parts, we have a full line of profile, rubber & silicone and corrugated extrusion tooling to help you produce an excellent end product.

Pens and Pencils

Consumer Products

When your client approaches you with a new consumer product, we are ready to design and manufacture the extrusion head or die you need to ensure your manufacturing processes are successful.

Plastic Pellets in a Variety of Colors


If you don’t see your product listed here, feel free to contact us and our engineers will work with you to design custom tooling for whatever your product needs are.

Extruded Plastic Cosmetics Packaging

Specialty Packaging

Our engineers specialize in designing custom dies and extrusion heads, and are experts in helping you construct the perfect tooling for whatever your product’s custom packaging needs are. Our tooling creates packaging with minimal defects, and can produce packaging with no seams or surface lines.

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