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Over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience has solidified Guill’s reputation as a leading producer of Extrusion Tooling for the Wire & Cable industry, and our tooling remains the best in the business for the large scale production of cable and wiring,
Our extrusion tooling designs can be customized to accommodate producing cable and wire for any commercial application. Anything from fine gauge wire for electronic devices to heavy duty undersea cable can reliably made with Guill tooling. Manufacturing multiple layer and striped cable with Guill tooling is remarkably easy and efficient, saving valuable resources and labor costs.

We excel in the design and manufacture of Extrusion Tooling, offering many cost saving opportunities for extrusion manufacturers.

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End Products

Closeup of Tubes and Pipes in Automobile Engine

Automotive Parts

Whether you are manufacturing Automotive Hose, Brackets, Gaskets, Seals or other extruded parts, we have a full line of profile, rubber & silicone and corrugated extrusion tooling to help you produce an excellent end product.

Internal Optical Fiber

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable is necessary for cutting edge data transfer speeds, often being capable of transferring over 10-70 gigabits of information per second. Our engineering team and facilities can design tooling that’s optimal for producing fiber optic cable that is slightly thicker than a strand of human hair.

Large Undersea Cable Cross Section

Under Sea Cable

The global infrastructure of telecommunications heavily relies on submarine communications cable in order to transfer data between continents. Our tooling is capable of manufacturing the essential components of this cable, extruding both the internal optical fibers and the protective outer layer of polyethylene.

Fiber Optic Cable Internals

Wire & Cable

We design and manufacture Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Wire & Cable products from small electronic lead wire to large multi-lead high voltage cable. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications.

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Our Products

Guill Tool Bullet Extrusion Head

Bullet – Standard Crosshead

The Bullet™ was designed specifically by our engineers to expedite the production process and help our customers turn a higher profit. Featuring a multi-port spiral flow and fixed center design.

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