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Getting the Most from Your Extrusion Tooling

By: Glen Guillemette, President Tooling maintenance improves extrusion efficiency, enhances quality and boosts overall productivity for your medical tubing applications. By utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment and processes, machining tolerances are held extremely close on today’s multi-lumen and multi-layer medical tubing. It is important to note that any misalignment of the

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Guill Introduces Spiderless Pipe Die for Extrusion

Guill Introduces Spiderless Pipe Die for Extrusion Guill Tool, the global leader in extrusion tooling, recently announced the availability of its Spiderless Pipe Die. This new offering utilizes precision tooling to provide increased material savings compared to conventional basket dies for pipe extrusions. In the coming years, the global market

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Guill Tooling Cell

Guill Launches 10-Day Extrusion Tooling Program

West Warwick, RI: Guill Tool & Engineering, a global manufacturer of extrusion crossheads, tips and dies, has announced its new 10-day tooling program. This program applies to eligible tips and dies that will be shipped within 10 business days of receiving the purchase order from the customer. The company’s quality

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Guill Introduces Large Die Cart with Crosshead

West Warwick, RI: Guill Tool is proud to announce the immediate availability of its new die cart with easy disassembly and reassembly. It features a high volume, adjustable center accumulating crosshead. This crosshead is designed to produce a smooth linear bore and provide jacketing over various substrates. The crosshead’s maximum

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Clear Tubing

Guill Introduces Reciprocating Head

West Warwick, RI: Guill Tool, a global manufacturer of extrusion tooling, has released its new reciprocating head. The traditional tip and die assembly is replaced with a linear reciprocating assembly that changes the tube’s profile within a given length. This process is repeated throughout a single extrusion run without interruptions. Cutting

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Single Point Adjustment Crosshead

Single-Point Concentricity Extrusion Tooling From Guill

West Warwick, RI: Guill Tool & Engineering (West Warwick, Rhode Island) introduces a new single-point concentricity extrusion crosshead that uses micro-fine adjustment screws for precise concentricity adjustment. The precision of concentricity reaches 0.008” or finer per revolution. This single point concentricity adjustment is a unique Guill innovation for the extrusion

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Jake in the Rheology Lab

Guill Tool Launches In-House Rheology Lab

Guill Tool, manufacturers of extrusion tooling for the global market, has opened an in-house rheology laboratory, making it the only extrusion tooling manufacturer in the industry with such a capability. Seeking to obtain better results and minimize the time it takes between testing and production, Guill built its own rheology lab in their facility in West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA.

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