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Guill Debuts Ultra-Low Volume Head at NPE 2000

Chicago, IL – June 15, 2000 – Guill Tool & Engineering Company of West Warwick, Rhode Island introduced its new model 815 Micro-Bore Crosshead to attendees of the NPE 2000 tradeshow. Representatives of the Medical and Fiber Optics industries were impressed with the many Guill features built into this crosshead.

The 815 heads are manufactured as Ultra-Low volume. This design eliminates scorching and stagnation by reducing material residence time in the crosshead. The 815 crosshead is currently available in single, co, and triple extrusion. Spiral flow designs are available and we also offer multi-layer configurations up to five layers. The quick change tooling we employ means minimal downtime during production. The 815 Micro-Bore Crosshead, along with all Guill designs, include our patented Flow Splitter. The Flow Splitter provides a reduced extrudate memory set, elimination of dead spots, and low material inventory.

Accuracy is the hallmark of the 815 Micro-Bore crosshead. Our Ultra-fine concentricity adjustment provides unmatched accuracy down to tenths of an inch. The many unique Guill features employed in this product allow wall tolerances as thin as .0002″.

Guill Tool & Engineering located in West Warwick, Rhode Island, designs and manufactures several lines of extrusion tooling. Standard designs include single and adjustable center crossheads and inline dies from one to five layers with stripe. Other designs include rotating, spiral, corrugating, profile, and blow molding in multi-layer.

For nearly forty years, the Guill name has been a benchmark for quality manufacturing and reliability in the extrusion industry. Additional information on all Guill products can be found at or by contacting us at 401.828.7600.

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