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Interwire 2017 Guill Booth

Guill Exhibits at Interwire 2017, Manufacturers Look to Partner to Maximize ROI

Atlanta, Georgia:  Rhode Island-based Guill Tool & Engineering Company exhibited at the 87th annual Interwire 2017 from May 9-11.  According to The Wire Association International, Inc., the expo includes exhibiting companies, speakers, and visitors from more than 50 countries.


“Our booth was packed during the show–especially on the first day.  Most visitors were already familiar with Guill’s existing tooling, so it was the new Single-Point that was getting everyone’s attention.  There’s nothing in the industry like it,” said RJ Masse, Sales Representative Manager, Guill Tool & Engineering.


Guill’s new Single-Point concentricity feature is retrofittable to most existing heads and available for new heads as well.  With this added feature, extrusion lines can achieve faster changeovers, reduced waste, and greater product performance.  Guill will exhibit next at Medical Tubing 2017 in Woburn, MA from October 10-11.


Click here for a video simulation of the Single-Point concentricity feature. 

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